Welcome to The Verdant Edge, a one-woman jewelry design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The brainchild of bead artist Laura Luepke, the Verdant Edge produces modern pieces of wearable art for women interested in making a bold yet sophisticated fashion statement. 

Original Design

The Verdant Edge is about using beads to create a modern, contemporary, and slightly edgy aesthetic. I try to always work on the edge - with new techniques and materials, innovative construction methods, and with tiny beads around the perimeter of bold elements.  I personally design all of the pieces I make and sell. 


Quality Craftsmanship

Each piece I make is unique and painstakingly handcrafted to provide you with a quality product that will provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment.  I use multiple thread paths in load-bearing sections and at attachment points to lend added strength to my designs.  Pieces from my private collection have survived years of regular use with little if any sign of wear.  While certainly not recommended, some of my own pieces have even safely weathered an accidental trip through the washing machine. 

Award-Winning Artistry

My works have received recognition in multiple jewelry design competitions and in Beadwork Magazine.